Dear Editor,

I agree with Rob Means' last letter regarding health care. The current system is not working for many Americans, even those with medical insurance. Obscene amounts of money are directed not to the health care providers, clinics and hospitals, but to the insurance companies. Our nation is already spending the money that could be used to provide care for all, but the dollars go to the middle man, not to health care.

All people in the United States should have access to medical care. We take it for granted that all people have access to police and fire protection, streets, parks, libraries and public schools. These services are supported by tax dollars and are universally available. Health care should be available in the same way. As a member of the community, it is my responsibility to pay taxes to support all community services. It is a responsibility I accept willingly. I look forward to the day that health care is included in the list of services accessible to all.

I realize that this is a very emotional issue. People fear that the government is taking control of their medical care and that the government is getting between them and their doctors. The fact is, if you are lucky enough to even have medical insurance, the insurance company is already coming between you and your doctor.

Many Americans have no insurance or means to pay doctor and hospital bills. In a country with our resources, people should not be divided into the "haves" and "have


nots" of health care.

-Austa Falconer, Lassen Avenue