Updated: September 16, 2009 2:44:50 PM PDT
The oldest opera argument tries to decide whether words or musical notes are the most important. In the case of the marvelous musical score of "Manon," Jules Massenet's masterpiece, there is no contest.   Full Story
Some years ago, at Cinequest, I saw a short film entitled "9." It was lovely and strange, like a lot of films at San Jose's maverick film festival, but I liked it.   Full Story
Broadway West Theatre Company, 4000-B Bay St. in Fremont, will next present the Holmes mystery "Sherlock Holmes The Final Adventure," adapted by Steven Dietz, Sept.   Full Story
The Golden Hills Art Association will hold its next meeting on Thursday, Sept. 3 in the Community Room of the Milpitas Police Department, 1275 N.   Full Story
Quentin Tarantino has become known for lovingly-filmed over-the-top violence. Consider his recent films "Death Proof" (part of the "Grindhouse" double feature) and the two-part "Kill Bill.   Full Story
Milpitas resident Milo Larsen has published "Ward of the State" through, an Internet self-publishing site.   Full Story
Walking into an upscale New York City restaurant as the most powerful food expert representing the most powerful newspaper in the country will definitely get you great service.   Full Story
"District 9" has one major difference from most films that have come out in the last decade or so: its previews tell the audience nothing about its major plotline.   Full Story
I'd like you to meet Milpitan Jackie Lee, an energetic young lady whose dance prowess is growing and gaining recognition.   Full Story
Jerry MacDonald has been telling stories all his life. So about 10 years ago he thought maybe he could put some of those stories tales about growing up in Washington to print and show today's youth they can overcome life's obstacles.   Full Story