Milpitas resident Milo Larsen has published "Ward of the State" through, an Internet self-publishing site.

The story is about a kid who grows up being constantly abandoned and rejected by his significant others. When he has been rejected by his last living relative, his grandfather, and the state orphanage also rejects him, he is swallowed up by the child welfare bureaucracy and deposited in the state reform school. When he protests, the school counselor tells him, "When you are a ward of the state, the state makes decisions for you." Fortunately the kid has a good attitude that will help him survive this ordeal.

The story, which is set in Montana in the 1940s, cannot be pigeonholed into any one genre, Larsen said. It contains a little adventure, some violence, some criminal activity, and a little humor. Some of the characters use offensive language, and there are some sexual scenes in the story, so although the story is about a young man growing up, the story might not be recommended for children. Also there is a somewhat anti-religious tone in some areas of the book.

To see how the story begins, any interested parties should visit Larsen's Web page at and click on Chapter 1 "Ward of the State" at the top right hand side of the page.

Any potential reader can find the book online at www /ward-of-the-state/6438209#,