Mommy, When Will Only "Us" Be Enough For You?

Mommy, when will only "us" be enough for you?

Is "God" the one telling you to go make more sisters and brothers?

Or, is it because, in your very own heart, you really did want, each and every one of us?

Please let us know each and every day; just how much we are loved by you.

Let our sisters know; That they are not just here; because you didn't make our brothers first.

Tell our brothers that you wanted all of us.

For many reasons "God" gave us all to you, Mommy.

Mommy, when will only "us" be enough for you?

- Patricia Montoya, 2009

Dedicated to all children who are questioning the family dynamics, especially in larger families.

Restoration of Faith With Mankind

Inner voices of anger:

Saber rattling pestilence of wars

The slaughter of four Oakland police officers

Drive-by shootings of innocent casualties

Foreclosures homelessness

Crumbling infrastructure

Diminishes my faith with mankind.

Mired in traffic at critical hour of madness

in midst of maelstrom of road rage

cacophony of horns blaring in anger

entombed in sarcophagus of my car


sounds beyond decibel of tolerance

confused in quandary of hopelessness

paranoia sets in what to do?

Two strangers Hispanic and White

attempted to unplug the bottleneck.

Asian police officer wave-off Good Samaritans

patrol-car tucked me into pocket of



There is goodness in our citizens of Milpitas

in times of economic down-turn

people are drawn together

for the common good of all.

Our citizens have so little to give

they gave themselves

to aid a little old confused man.

In midst of maelstrom

the goodness of mankind

displaces anger.

Restoration of faith with mankind.

- Raymond Chow, 2009

Listen to the Eyes

When you see someone, all you see is a face.

You see a mouth, ears and eyes.

You hear word, words to cover up the face and the person inside.

When you see a person, you judge beauty by the face.

But it is beyond the face that true beauty lies.

The true beauty you can see only in the eyes.

Words can lie. They can easily deceive.

But eyes are always truthful.

You can listen to the eyes, understand the person beyond the face.

But you must learn, for each pair of eyes speaks its own language.

And you must learn to listen, as the eyes make no sound.

You must learn to hear the eyes with your own eyes.

Those who do not listen leave countless words unspoken;

They stare blindly at the face, a mask for the soul,

while they could be speaking to the real person,

not just the face, not just the stained glass window that stands between.

So, listen to the eyes, and you can see beyond the face.

Listen to the eyes, and you can hear beyond the words.

Listen to the eyes, and you can learn countless secrets.

(After all, why else do government officials wear sunglasses?)

- Ahsan Zahid, 2009

The Power of Love

Give me your love, all the love

You have to give,

This power of love that lifts me up,

And makes me truly live,

You give to me and I give to you,

True love evermore,

This wonderful love is truly,

Worth living for,

Let's wipe away our tears,

Let's no longer have any fears,

This power of love will bring,

Joyous happiness that makes

Our souls sing.

The power of love is everything.

- Lori Stotlar, 2008

When a Loved One Dies

When a loved one dies

I grieve their loss

How I miss

The warmth of their smile

The music of their laughter

The familiar sound of their voice

That can make me turn with eagerness

As soon as it falls upon my ear

The witty things they say

The way they walk or turn their head

Their encouragement and at times

Their counsel to help me through my life

The things we share during joy and sorrow

Their struggles in life

And the victories they attain

But there is another loss

Another death

Each person who dies

Takes with them a little part of me

A part that only that person knew

Things only the two of us have shared

No one else will ever remember

Me in just that way

The things we talked about

Laughed about

Cried over

Prayed over

Even if we relate that memory to someone else

Only that person and I

Can really share that particular memory

I remember with love

I share with others warm memories

But when someone is gone

Never again will the two of us

Share those memories and emotions

In the way that is special just to us

- Kaye Waldow, 2009

You Break a Dream

You break a dream,

You break a man,

You wonder why,

Our country is in chaos,

we, as Americans now, have to hide out in shame,

You say,

Barry Bonds and baseball didn't work it your way,

He kept his pride and didn't fold,

Under your scrutiny; it angers you,

Who, brutally, holds such hostility,

Toward one so true and endangered,

And one with a higher than usual dignity,

"Our Barry Bonds" will forever live in unjust infamy.

- Patricia Montoya, 2008

Hugs and More Hugs

Hugs can say a lot,

Can mean different things

Mean you are special to me

You make me feel so good

I am so sorry that you hurt.

You did just great!

Hello my friend

Goodbye till next time.

I am so glad to see you!

Hugs can mean many things,

Best of all they,

Can say I love you.

- Elizabeth Pledger, 2006

* * *

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