The weather's superb, your basket is filled with food, and you've been wondering where you might take your spouse, the family, and your in-law's aging Russian-speaking parrot for an evening of toe-tapping entertainment. Well, there is one final opportunity to kick it with a live band in the park: Murphy Park. Coming to the stage on Tuesday, and closing out the Milpitas Summer Concert Series will be The Groove Kings, a band known for its energy and popular party tunes.

The Groove Kings have a solid sound that soothes the soul and generates good vibrations. Their music is to listen to, to dance to, to feel and move and groove to. They roll popular into rock, rock into rhythm and blues, and rhythm and blues back into pop, all without spraining a thumb. Throw in some Motown, Santana, '70s disco, and some pop vocal legends and you've got a complete program.

The Groove Kings are playing the free concert on Aug. 4, 6:15 to 8:15 p.m. at Murphy Park, Yellowstone off South Park Victoria Drive. For more information, call Milpitas Parks and Recreation Services at 586-3210.